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eISBN Title Author Discipline (Subject 1) Cambridge Core DOI/URL
9781108664462 Introduction to Graphene-Based Nanomaterials Foa Torres/Roche/Charlier Science and Engineering
9781139924542 X-ray Microscopy Jacobsen Science and Engineering
9781108654555 The Cambridge Handbook of Computing Education Research Fincher/Robins Social Sciences
9781316832134 The Cambridge Handbook of Instructional Feedback Lipnevich/Smith Social Sciences
9781783302253 Information Resource Description Hider Humanities
9781108681483 Student-Centered Teaching in Paleontology and Geoscience Classrooms Dahl Science and Engineering
9781783302406 Digital Archives Dobreva Humanities
9781107707047 Magnetism in Carbon Nanostructures Hagelberg Science and Engineering
9781783302147 Valuing Your Collection Matassa Humanities
9781107281875 Optogenetics Appasani Science and Engineering
9781139939867 The Evolution of Senescence in the Tree of Life Shefferson/Jones/Salguero-Gómez Science and Engineering
9781316678329 Animal Experimentation Monamy Science and Engineering
9781783302376 Is Digital Different? Moss/Endicott-Popovsky Humanities
9781139942225 Bacterial Genomics Seshasayee Science and Engineering
9781139542371 Biophysics of DNA Vologodskii Science and Engineering
9781922064837 Universities in Transition Brook et al Social Sciences
9781868888559 Education, Economy & Society Motala Social Sciences
9781856047159 RDA: Resource, Description and Access, 2013 Revision RDA Humanities
9781856049610 The Future of Scholarly Communication Shorley/Jubb Science and Engineering
9781783300235 Research Methods in Information Pickard Humanities
9781139410526 Human Cloning Macintosh Science and Engineering, Social Sciences
9781922064318 Bridging Transcultural Divides Song/Cadman Social Sciences
9780511976094 Apoptosis Reed/Green Science and Engineering
9781856049733 Innovations in Information Retrieval Foster/Rafferty Science and Engineering
9780511976117 Cancer Metastasis Lyden/Welch/Psaila Science and Engineering
9780511778155 The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Tragedy Smith/Sullivan, Jr Humanities
9781856049245 Supporting Research Students Allan Humanities
9780511605536 Cancer Stem Cells Farrar Science and Engineering
9780511541766 MicroRNAs Appasani/Altman/Ambros Science and Engineering
9780511534850 Extended Defects in Semiconductors Holt/Yacobi Science and Engineering
9781856049214 Preservation Management for Libraries, Archives and Museums Gorman/Shep Humanities
9781856047869 Managing Information Resources in Libraries Clayton/Gorman Humanities
9781856049825 How to Do Research Moore Humanities
9780511755651 Introduction to Surface and Thin Film Processes Venables Science and Engineering
9780511524226 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Relaxation Cowan Science and Engineering
9780511524233 Mössbauer Spectroscopy Dickson/Berry Science and Engineering
9781776143368 Decolonisation in Universities Jansen Social Sciences
9781316987292 Terrorism and Literature Herman Humanities
9781316756300 Genome Editing and Engineering Appasani/Church Science and Engineering
9781783302437 Information Systems Urquhart et al Humanities
9781316225202 Global Perspectives on Teacher Motivation Watt/Richardson/Smith Social Sciences
9781316681619 2D Materials Avouris/Heinz/Low Science and Engineering
9781139012751 Systems Genetics Markowetz/Boutros Science and Engineering
9781783300778 Library Analytics and Metrics Showers Humanities
9781107517288 Monoidal Topology Hofmann/Seal/Tholen Science and Engineering
9781783300259 Catalogue 2.0 Chambers Humanities
9780748668656 Our Nazis Rau Humanities
9781856049597 The Information Society Feather Humanities
9781856049764 Digital Libraries and Information Access Chowdhury/Schubert Humanities
9781139162173 The Physics of Dilute Magnetic Alloys Kondo et al Science and Engineering
9781856049740 Interactive Information Seeking, Behaviour and Retrieval Ruthven/Kelly Science and Engineering
9780511736582 Vygotsky in Perspective Miller Social Sciences
9781856048002 E-books in Libraries Price/Havergal Humanities
9781856048774 Preparing Collections for Digitization Bülow/Ahmon Humanities
9780511781599 Magnetic Materials Spaldin Science and Engineering
9780511845000 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Coey Science and Engineering
9780511809194 Introduction to XAFS Bunker Science and Engineering
9781843318897 Bollywood and Globalization Mehta/Pandharipande
9780511626531 Label-Free Biosensors Cooper Science and Engineering
9781856047951 The Public Library McMenemy Humanities
9781856047821 Web Accessibility Craven Humanities
9780511483424 Women and Islam in Early Modern English Literature Andrea Humanities
9781856049146 Librarianship Chowdhury et al Humanities
9781139168564 Educational Leadership Duignan Social Sciences
9781856049863 Digital Preservation Deegan/Tanner Humanities
9781856049870 Digital Literacies for Learning Martin/Madigan Social Sciences
9780511804625 Critical Lessons Noddings Social Sciences
9780511546402 RNA Interference Technology Appasani/Fire/Nirenberg Science and Engineering
9781139165037 Electronic and Photoelectron Spectroscopy Ellis/Feher/Wright Science and Engineering
9781856047876 Libraries Without Walls 5 Brophy/Fisher/Craven Humanities
9781856049221 Project Management Allan Humanities
9780511754715 Thin Film Materials Freund/Suresh Science and Engineering
9780511999383 The Cambridge Companion to Crime Fiction Priestman Humanities, Social Sciences
9780511805745 Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Semiconductor Structures Singh Science and Engineering
9781139164979 Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering Riley/Hobson/Bence Science and Engineering
9780511483134 Jacques Derrida and the Humanities Cohen Humanities
9780511605987 Education in the Moral Domain Nucci Social Sciences
9780511541254 Materials Modification by Electronic Excitation Itoh/Stoneham Science and Engineering
9781139164214 The Physics of Semiconductors Brennan Science and Engineering
9781139163828 Amino Acids and Peptides Barrett/Elmore Science and Engineering
9780511623790 A Mathematical Introduction to Wavelets Wojtaszczyk Science and Engineering
9780511622557 An Introduction to X-ray Crystallography Woolfson Science and Engineering
9780511608414 Bioremediation Crawford/Crawford Science and Engineering
9780511524301 Physics and Chemistry at Oxide Surfaces Noguera Science and Engineering
9780511552748 Mikhail Bakhtin Bernard-Donals Humanities, Social Sciences
9780511524356 Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy Wiesendanger Science and Engineering
9781783304134 A-Z Common Reference Questions for Academic Librarians Dawson Humanities
9781316761625 Prokaryotic Metabolism and Physiology Kim/Gadd Science and Engineering
9780511793905 Cellular Biophysics and Modeling Conradi Smith Science and Engineering
9781783303755 Systematic Searching Levay/Craven Humanities
9781108333191 Field and Laboratory Methods in Animal Cognition Bueno-Guerra/Amici Science and Engineering
9781787442498 European Perspectives on John Updike Laurence W./Sue Humanities, Social Sciences
9781783302499 Expert Internet Searching Bradley Humanities
9781139149716 Modern Techniques of Surface Science Woodruff Science and Engineering
9781107337459 Genome-Wide Association Studies Appasani/Scherer/Visscher Science and Engineering
9781783300730 M-Libraries 5 Needham/Mohamed Humanities
9780511979811 Systems Biology of Cancer Thiagalingam Science and Engineering
9781139696463 A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics Landau/Binder Science and Engineering
9781139096782 Transition Metal Compounds Khomskii Science and Engineering
9780511984556 A Student's Guide to Entropy Lemons Science and Engineering
9781139003889 Genetic Mapping in Experimental Populations Van Ooijen/Jansen Science and Engineering
9781139021463 Cognition and Motivation Kreitler Social Sciences
9781856048996 Using Mobile Technology to Deliver Library Services Walsh Humanities
9780511777271 Epigenomics Appasani/Surani Science and Engineering
9781856048804 Information Literacy Beyond Library 2.0 Godwin/Parker Humanities
9781856049283 Practical Cataloguing Welsh/Batley Humanities
9781139021500 Chemical Genomics Fu Science and Engineering
9781856048972 Collection Development in the Digital Age Fieldhouse/Marshall Humanities
9780511894725 Peace Education Noddings Social Sciences
9780511762307 A Student's Guide to Fourier Transforms James Science and Engineering
9780511976346 Migration and Diaspora in Modern Asia Amrith Social Sciences
9780511730412 Drug Design Merz, Jr/Ringe/Reynolds Science and Engineering
9781856048613 M-Libraries 2 Ally/Needham Humanities
9781139195737 Fundamentals of Inflammation Serhan et al Science and Engineering
9780748634484 Journalists in Film McNair
9780511541292 Electronic and Optical Properties of d-Band Perovskites Wolfram/Ellialtioglu Science and Engineering
9780511755613 Electronic Structure Calculations for Solids and Molecules Kohanoff Science and Engineering
9780511801914 Applied Quantum Mechanics Levi Science and Engineering
9780511800870 An Introduction to Computational Physics Pang Science and Engineering
9780511735097 Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction Ichimiya/Cohen Science and Engineering
9780511811494 Modern Methods of Organic Synthesis Carruthers/Coldham Science and Engineering
9780511534973 The Physics of Synchrotron Radiation Hofmann Science and Engineering
9780511616426 Laser Fundamentals Silfvast Science and Engineering
9780511801204 An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations Robinson Science and Engineering
9780511998805 The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction James/Mendlesohn Humanities, Social Sciences
9780511499920 Happiness and Education Noddings Social Sciences
9780511755545 Atomic and Electronic Structure of Solids Kaxiras Science and Engineering
9781571136008 Freud's Theory and its Use in Literary and Cultural Studies de Berg Humanities
9780511608230 A Philosopher's Understanding of Quantum Mechanics Vermaas Humanities, Science and Engineering
9781139644174 The Quantum Theory of Fields Weinberg Science and Engineering
9780511565007 Ion-Solid Interactions Nastasi/Mayer/Hirvonen Science and Engineering
9780511552847 The Myth of Theory Righter Humanities, Social Sciences
9780511623820 Wavelets and Operators Meyer/Salinger Science and Engineering
9780511565137 Monoclonal Antibodies in Biotechnology McCullough/Spier Science and Engineering
9780511983702 Process Development in Antibiotic Fermentations Calam Science and Engineering
9780511709333 A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism Maxwell Science and Engineering