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1 9789353282936 Inclusive Economics Gandhian Method and Contemporary Policy Narendar Pani 2001
2 9789351500261 Imperialism, Nationalism and the Making of the Indian Capitalist Class, 1920-1947 Aditya Mukherjee 2002,-nationalism-and-the-making-of-the-indian-capitalist-class,-1920-1947?bookId=2704&siteName=evidya
3 9788132103820 An Introduction to Data Envelopment Analysis A Tool for Performance Measurement R Ramanathan 2003
4 9788132103752 Informal Economy Centrestage New Structures of Employment Renana Jhabvala 2003
5 9788132103929 Disinvestment in India Policies, Procedures, Practices Sudhir Naib 2004
6 9789352800193 Understanding Environment Kiran Chhokar 2004
7 9789352802487 Land Reforms in India Computerisation of Land Records Wajahat Habibullah 2005
8 9789352800278 Globalization India's Adjustment Experience Biplab Dasgupta 2005
9 9789352800179 Micro-Credit, Poverty and Empowerment Linking the Triad Neera Burra 2005,-poverty-and-empowerment?bookId=2978&siteName=evidya
10 9788132119999 Globalizing Rural Development Competing Paradigms and Emerging Realities M C Behera 2006
11 9789352800506 Employment and Unemployment in India Emerging Tendencies During the Post-Reform Period E T Mathew 2006
12 9788132101574 Indian Microfinance The Challenges of Rapid Growth Prabhu Ghate 2007
13 9788132101604 Public Sector Reforms in India New Role of the District Officer Chandan Sinha 2007
14 9788132101628 Globalisation, Governance Reforms and Development in India Kameshwar Choudhary 2007,-governance-reforms-and-development-in-india?bookId=3937&siteName=evidya
15 9789352803248 States of the Indian Economy Towards a Larger Constituency for Second Generation Economic Reforms Amir Ullah Khan 2007
16 9789352801107 Growth, Equity, Environment and Population Economic and Sociological Perspectives Kanchan Chopra 2007,-equity,-environment-and-population?bookId=3097&siteName=evidya
17 9789352800445 India's Liberalisation Experience Hostage to WTO? Suparna Karmakar 2008's-liberalisation-experience?bookId=3003&siteName=evidya
18 9789352801381 Agriculture in Developing Countries Technology Issues Keijiro Otsuka 2008
19 9789352801268 Growth and Development in Emerging Market Economies International Private Capital Flow, Financial Markets and Globalization Harinder S Kohli 2008
20 9789352801152 Globalization on the Ground New Media and the Transformation of Culture, Class, and Gender in India Steve D Derne 2008
21 9789352801077 The WTO Deadlocked Understanding the Dynamics of International Trade Debashis Chakraborty 2008
22 9789352803170 Reforming Indian Agriculture Towards Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction Essays in Honour of G K Chadha Sankar Kumar Bhaumik 2008
23 9788178299907 Human Development in the Indian Context A Socio-cultural Focus Vol.1 Margaret Khalakdina 2008
24 9789352801336 Displaced by Development Confronting Marginalisation and Gender Injustice Lyla Mehta 2008
25 9789352801367 Participatory Rural Appraisal Principles, Methods and Application N Narayanasamy 2008
26 9789352801862 Knowledge Economy The Indian Challenge Ashoka Chandra 2009
27 9789352801763 New Forms of Urban Governance in India Shifts, Models, Networks and Contestations I S A Baud 2009
28 9789352801909 Politics of Globalization Samir Dasgupta 2009
29 9789352802258 Economy, Democracy and the State The Indian Experience Ramashray Roy 2009,-democracy-and-the-state?bookId=3107&siteName=evidya
30 9789352802180 Education for Sustainable Development Challenges, Strategies and Practices in a Globalizing World Anastasia Nikolopoulou 2009
31 9789351509516 Political Economy of Poverty Eradication in India and Essays on Fiscal Reform Raja J Chelliah 2010
32 9789385985843 Basic Research Methods An Entry to Social Science Research Gerard Guthrie 2010
33 9789386042873 India's Economy and Growth Essays in Honour of V K R V Rao Pulin B Nayak 2010
34 9789386042712 Challenging the Injustice of Poverty Agendas for Inclusive Development in South Asia Rehman Sobhan 2010
35 9789351509592 Agrarian Crisis and Farmer Suicides R S Deshpande 2010
36 9789386042293 Public Economics Theory and Policy: Essays in Honor of Amaresh Bagchi M. Govinda Rao 2010
37 9788132119500 Understanding Gandhi Gandhians in Conversation with Fred J Blum Usha Thakkar 2011
38 9788132119241 Human Development in the Indian Context, Volume II A Socio-Cultural Focus Margaret Khalakdina 2011,-volume-ii?bookId=2758&siteName=evidya
39 9788132118961 Economic Reforms and Social Exclusion Impact of Liberalization on Marginalized Groups in India K. S. Chalam 2011
40 9788132119210 Migration, Remittances and Development in South Asia Saman Kelegama 2011,-remittances-and-development-in-south-asia?bookId=2755&siteName=evidya
41 9788132119258 The Global Economic Crisis through an Indian Looking Glass Adarsh Kishore 2011
42 9788132119432 Economic Analysis of Institutiions A Practical Guide V. Santhakumar 2011
43 9788132119180 Towards Financial Inclusion in India K. G. Karmakar 2011
44 9788132116738 Economic Liberalisation and Indian Agriculture A District-Level Study G. S. Bhalla 2011
45 9788132118923 Reform of the International Monetary System The Palais Royal Initiative Jack T. Boorman 2011
46 9788132119456 Debt and Death in Rural India The Punjab Story Aman Sidhu 2011
47 9788132119401 Bridging The Gap Essays on Inclusive Development and Education Latha Pillai 2011
48 9788132116691 Development and Public Finance Essays in Honour of Raja J Chelliah D. K. Srivastava 2012
49 9788132117025 Urban and Regional Planning in India A Handbook for Professional Practice S. K. Kulshrestha 2012
50 9788132116981 Capital Market Reform in Asia Towards Developed and Integrated Markets in Times of Change Masahiro Kawai 2012
51 9788132117056 The Politics of Poverty Planning India's Development D. K. Rangnekar 2012
52 9788132117049 Food Security in Asia Amitava Mukharjee 2012
53 9788132117100 Right to Work and Rural India Working of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) Ashok Pankaj 2012
54 9788132117124 Beyond Gandhian Economics Towards a Creative Deconstruction B. N. Ghosh 2012
55 9788132117971 PPP Paradox Promise and Perils of Public-Private Partnership in Education Pritha Gopalan 2013
56 9788132118046 Economics in Action An Easy Guide for Development Practitioners V. Santhakumar 2013
57 9789351503996 Urbanisation in India Challenges, Opportunities and the Way Forward Isher Judge Ahluwalia 2014
58 9789351504139 Land Policies for Equity and Growth Transforming the Agrarian Structure in Uttar Pradesh Ajit Kumar Singh 2014
59 9789351504498 Macroeconomics Simplified Understanding Keynesian and Neoclassical Macroeconomic Systems Nicoli Nattrass 2014
60 9789351504658 Environment and Fiscal Reforms in India D. K. Srivastava 2014
61 9789351504818 Indian Economy in Transition Essays in Honour of C.T. Kurien S. Janakarajan 2014
62 9789351504900 The Indian Economy A Macroeconomic Perspective Nilanjan Banik 2015
63 9789351505334 Technology, Innovations and Economic Development Essays in Honour of Robert E. Evenson Lakhwinder Singh 2015,-innovations-and-economic-development?bookId=2913&siteName=evidya
64 9789351506485 Environment and Development Essays in Honour of Dr U. Sankar K. R. Shanmugam 2015
65 9789351506546 Statistics for Social Sciences T. Rajaretnam 2016
66 9789386446060 ‘Bottom-up’ Approaches in Governance and Adaptation for Sustainable Development Case Studies from India and Bangladesh Pradip Swarnakar 2017‘bottom-up’-approaches-in-governance-and-adaptation-for-sustainable-development?bookId=3548&siteName=evidya
67 9789352807208 Macroeconomic Policies for Emerging and Developing Economies A. Vasudevan 2018
68 9789352807284 Democratizing Development Struggles for Rights and Social Justice in India Ranjita Mohanty 2018
69 9789352808694 Planning and Economics of Cities Shaping India's Form and Future Prasanna K. Mohanty 2018
70 9789353284657 Environmental Accounting, Sustainability and Accountability Somnath Debnath 2019,-sustainability-and-accountability?bookId=4378&siteName=evidya
71 9789353283230 Formal Labour Market in Urban India Job Search, Hiring Practices and Discrimination Rajendra P Mamgain 2019
72 9789351507246 Sankhyiki Ek Parichay Frederick L. Coolidge 2017
73 9789386042682 Shodh Prastav Kaise Karen Taiyar Pam Denicolo 2017
74 9789386446374 Vikas ka Arthshastra Samaveshi Samvriddhi ki or Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi 2017
75 9789352806355 Grameen Vikas Siddhant, Neetiyan evam Prabandh Katar Singh 2018
76 9789352806676 Paryavaran Bodh Kiran Chhokar 2018
77 9789352808571 Dainik Jeevan Mein Arthshastra Vikas Ke Kshetra Me Karyrat Peshevaron Ke Liye Saral Margdarshika V. Santhakumar 2018
78 9789353285203 Paryaavaran Arthashastra Siddhaant evam Anuprayog Katar Singh 2018
79 9788132119906 Pluralism and Equality Values in Indian Society and Politics Imtiaz Ahmad 2000
80 9788132119975 Communication for Development in the Third World Theory and Practice for Empowerment Srinivas R Melkote 2001
81 9789351500131 Secularism, Islam and Modernity Selected Essays of Alam Khundmiri M T Ansari 2001,-islam-and-modernity?bookId=2678&siteName=evidya
82 9788132119852 Community and Identities Contemporary Discourses on Culture and Politics in India Surinder S Jodhka 2001
83 9788132119869 Learning Disabilities in India Willing the Mind to Learn Pratibha Karanth 2003
84 9788132103707 Buddhism in India Challenging Brahmanism and Caste Gail Omvedt 2003
85 9788132119920 Sociology of Gender The Challenge of Feminist Sociological Thought Sharmila Rege 2003
86 9789351500193 Indian Democracy Meanings and Practices Rajendra Vora 2003
87 9788132103189 Fifty Years of Higher Education in India The Role of the University Grants Commission Amrik Singh 2003
88 9788132103851 Livelihood and Gender Equity in Community Resource Management Sumi Krishna 2003
89 9788132103868 Sociology of Religion in India Rowena Robinson 2003
90 9789351500100 Children with Developmental Disabilities A Training Guide for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers S Venkatesan 2004
91 9788132104063 Good Governance, Democratic Societies and Globalization Surendra Munshi 2004,-democratic-societies-and-globalization?bookId=3825&siteName=evidya
92 9788132103943 Nation, Civil Society and Social Movements Essays in Political Sociology T K Oommen 2004,-civil-society-and-social-movements?bookId=3870&siteName=evidya
93 9789351500094 Sexual Sites, Seminal Attitudes Sexualities, Masculinities and Culture in South Asia Sanjay Srivastava 2004,-seminal-attitudes?bookId=2788&siteName=evidya
94 9788132119777 Social Movements in India A Review of Literature Ghanshyam Shah 2004